Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thug has bad crime day, dog pays!

An American Bulldog mix named Duke defended his family when an intruder broke into the family home. This case out of Toledo, Ohio involves a criminal who had a bad crime day, and now Duke the dog and his owner, Carissa Curry, a single working mother may pay. Duke bit the intruder who now cries, "victim".
The man claims he was just walking down the street minding his own business when Duke came running out of his yard and bit him for no reason at all. When Ms. Curry came home, her door was open and the gate to the yard was unlocked. Duke is not an outside dog and was left shut in the house when Ms. Curry left for work. It is clear to her this man broke into her house and Duke, being a good dog must have run the burglar off, biting him in the process.
The Lucas County Dog Warden has pressed charges against Duke's owner. Now Duke faces the lifelong label of "Dangerous Dog" which is accompanied with a host of ridiculous regulations. Ms. Curry could face eviction and loss of her job in healthcare if convicted of charges, although a "failure to confine" charge has recently been dropped.

Please donate to the legal defense fund to help Ms. Curry and Duke. This could happen to any of us.

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