Friday, January 4, 2013

Pitbull Sales Scam Artist Alert!
Savannah, Tennessee

From Facebook user Katrina Davis: "ok everyone...DO NOT ever buy a puppy from Eric who owns he advertises fake pitbulls and demands money for fake vet bills...He will tell you he has a certain dog you want, take your deposit and run. Today he tried to say he wanted 900 dollars for vet bills for a sick puppy that I supposedly was supposed to get, while also 'selling' the same puppy to a couple of my friends undercover."

Please remember to ADOPT don't SHOP! ce


  1. I too have been scammed by Eric in fact almost same story I would like to share info I have on Eric

    1. So sorry to hear that Colin...please do share your experience. if you have Twitter get the word out there as well. I would like to hear your story.