Friday, October 26, 2012

Mellie, Falsely Accused, Fights Vicious Dog Citation

From Facebook page: "Help Mellie"
"Mellie got out of the house and ran into the neighborhood. She saw a neighbor and ran over to play with him. She jumped on him. The neighbor is afraid of dogs and interpreted her play as aggression. Police issued a vicious dog citation."

Tyler Rhinehart, dog-fearing neighbor has strangely enough visited Mellie's home on more than one occasion since the day of the incident when owner was issued the vicious dog citation.

The Lexus Project is defending Mellie pro bono but financial help is still needed to cover court costs and filing fees. Please donate to help!
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Please see for continued updates and to show support!

Police in Arkansas blindly declare friendly pit-bull as viscious
     <<Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

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  1. Mellie got off in just a nuisance dog citation. happy to report she is SAFE!