Saturday, October 27, 2012

Attacked With Shovel, Dog Faces Death Sentence

Here we go again...McDonough County, Illinois.
On November 5, 2012 a judge will decide whether Pooky, a pit bull who was the victim of a hate crime, lives or dies. Pooky was attacked by a pit bull hating neighbor with a shovel. When Pooky's owner's elderly mother attempted to gather him up, the neighbor's wife flailed her hands in this woman's and Pooky's faces. Acting in defense, Pooky barked and snapped at the neighbor's wife, biting her on the finger. A clear case of self-defense, but we're dealing with a pit bull here, so now of course, the city wants to label Pooky vicious and kill him.

When will this madness end? Why is it ok for violent hate-mongers to attack pit bulls?

The Lexus Project is on board for Pooky's defense. Help in the way of financial donations is needed, and quickly too! Please show your support of Pooky who is clearly a victim of a hate crime because of his breed!
The family has removed the chip in. They are still asking for donations to help with legal defense. Donations should be made to Bob Friday. Please contact the Facebook page for address.

Like Facebook page: Please Save Pooky

Pooky is an American Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs rank #1 in temperament tests above all other dog breeds!

As of November 2, 2012 the family has removed all chip ins & is no longer asking for donations, citing on their Facebook page that donations may not be needed. All donations received will be returned. It is unclear to me what is going on now with Pooky. Will post in another blog when I find out.

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  1. Pooky is safe, placed into rescue by owner Bob Friday. Apparently some kind of deal was made to let Pooky live if Pooky was shipped to another jurisdiction. I am glad the dog is safe, however, have lingering questions about this sort of problem-solving. Reminds me of "Greyhound Therapy" in the 1980's when Reagan emptied the mental hospitals & communities who wanted nothing to do with the newly released patients so they were bussed to other communities who were then forced to deal with these patients. I have heard of other similar cases dealing with dogs and breed specific legislation.