Saturday, October 27, 2012

Attacked With Shovel, Dog Faces Death Sentence

Here we go again...McDonough County, Illinois.
On November 5, 2012 a judge will decide whether Pooky, a pit bull who was the victim of a hate crime, lives or dies. Pooky was attacked by a pit bull hating neighbor with a shovel. When Pooky's owner's elderly mother attempted to gather him up, the neighbor's wife flailed her hands in this woman's and Pooky's faces. Acting in defense, Pooky barked and snapped at the neighbor's wife, biting her on the finger. A clear case of self-defense, but we're dealing with a pit bull here, so now of course, the city wants to label Pooky vicious and kill him.

When will this madness end? Why is it ok for violent hate-mongers to attack pit bulls?

The Lexus Project is on board for Pooky's defense. Help in the way of financial donations is needed, and quickly too! Please show your support of Pooky who is clearly a victim of a hate crime because of his breed!
The family has removed the chip in. They are still asking for donations to help with legal defense. Donations should be made to Bob Friday. Please contact the Facebook page for address.

Like Facebook page: Please Save Pooky

Pooky is an American Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs rank #1 in temperament tests above all other dog breeds!

As of November 2, 2012 the family has removed all chip ins & is no longer asking for donations, citing on their Facebook page that donations may not be needed. All donations received will be returned. It is unclear to me what is going on now with Pooky. Will post in another blog when I find out.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mellie, Falsely Accused, Fights Vicious Dog Citation

From Facebook page: "Help Mellie"
"Mellie got out of the house and ran into the neighborhood. She saw a neighbor and ran over to play with him. She jumped on him. The neighbor is afraid of dogs and interpreted her play as aggression. Police issued a vicious dog citation."

Tyler Rhinehart, dog-fearing neighbor has strangely enough visited Mellie's home on more than one occasion since the day of the incident when owner was issued the vicious dog citation.

The Lexus Project is defending Mellie pro bono but financial help is still needed to cover court costs and filing fees. Please donate to help!
ChipIn: Mellie

Please see for continued updates and to show support!

Police in Arkansas blindly declare friendly pit-bull as viscious
     <<Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Find Flake $10,000.00 Reward

Flake is a male, 1 year old Toy Mini Pinscher, brown and tan weighing in at 7 pounds. He went missing September 15 in the LA/Hollywood area when he escaped the dog sitter's home. Flake is dearly loved and missed. This spoiled little dog even has his own closet for his outfits. Flake belongs to model and former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet. If found, please call her assistant at 310-367-2458. Maryse can also be reached on Twitter @maryseOuellet. Please use hashtag #FindFlake.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Murder in Texas

From Facebook page Save Leo, Dawn and Gorgo, 3 pit bulls wrongly ordered to death:
Austin Texas, Three pit bulls have been sentenced by a judge to be euthanized after they were the victims of a viscious dog attack.
Chris Grant the owner of the pit bulls had been training his dogs , Leo, Dawn and Gorgo in a parking lot earlier this month, the dogs secured to the back of his SUV, when a man with his dog running loose, entered the same parking lot. The loose dog spotted Grant's dogs and charged.
"The owner of the dog couldn't keep his dog under control," Grant stated. "It kept attacking us."
"Instead of pulling his dog out of our reach, he repeatedly punched and kicked my dogs, in attempt to keep my dogs from fighting back." Grant went on to state, "I waved someone down and told them to call 911."
Grant continued, "The owner untied Dawn's leash while I was separating Gorgo and the loose dog, and he tied her to a tree. When I looked up, he was kicking and punching her while she was tied up."
"I finally separated Gorgo and the off-leash dog, and his dog started attacking me," Grant stated. "And finally he got his dog under control."

The next part of Grant's statement details the beginning of the discrimination he and his dogs would go through, that ended with the judge's final ruling Friday.
"The ambulance and police finally showed up, walking right past me bleeding, lying on the ground and having an asthma attack, to treat the person who claimed he had been attacked by a pit bull."
"An Animal Control officer came out to the scene. He said he was taking my animals because they were off leash during the time of the fight. I corrected him, and he stated he was going to take them anyway."
"Meanwhile, the dog that bit me went straight home and wasn't issued the state-required quarentine until 7 days after the incident. In fact, it wouldn't have been issued at all if I hadn't requested it."
Grant ended his statement with, "My bite report was lost."

Austin murders three harmless pit bulls<< Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

We serve as Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs for several disabled members of our community. We have been trained to aid in performing specific tasks in improving the quality of life and day-to-day function of these individuals.

Judge sentences three pit bulls to death in discriminatory proceeding

Twitter: @austintexasgov

The Lexus Project will be helping Chris Grant to pursue a civil rights action.

ChipIn: Justice for the Austin 3

RIP Leo, Dawn and Gorgo
Murdered Friday, September 28, 2012

Judge Ronald Steven Meyerson presided over case & ordered the execution.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wes Adoption Update

Please help Wes a 1 year old female Lab/Pit Bull mix, spayed with all her shots. Owner was recently in bad car crash and now Wes faces euthanasia if not fostered/and/or rehomed. Dr. Bonnie Silverman in Baltimore, Maryland is doing everything within her power to save this dog. Please share. If you can help, please call Dr. Silverman at 410-499-7592. Thank you!

October 11, 2012 Dr. Silverman informed me via twitter Wes has been adopted by the Wentlands & their children. Great news for Wes!

Scamp, Fearless Rescuer of Kitties!

Scamp, once a homeless pooch, recently came to the rescue of 6 kittens. Trapped inside a box in a heap of trash, he heard their cries. After ripping apart the box Scamp lovingly carried each kitten one by one home with him. Having been saved once himself, Scamp became Savior to these precious babies!

Sack Michael Vick!

Support this Facebook Page
A group of pet store boutiques & their customers who pledge to donate to local pit bull rescue groups each time Michael Vick gets tackled this NFL season. LIKE!

Sad Texas Dog Cries!

Credence-sad Texas dog cries! This pour soul has spent four years in a kennel! Desparate for a home. Please contact